Granite Worktops: How to Clean, Maintain & Polish the Surface

granite worktops

Granite is one of the most widely used materials for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. Granite is ubiquitous and well-liked because of its strength, adaptability, and durability. When it comes to granite worktops, this natural stone provides a beautiful and long lasting accent to your kitchen and bathroom. This natural stone is also an excellent…

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Fireplace Hearth – A Complete Guide to Best Materials

fireplace hearth

Fireplace hearths are considered to be the heart of everyone’s homes. This is where everyone spends their evening time around and enjoys the cosy environment. The place where you can relax and have quality time with your family and loved ones. Therefore, it becomes essential to choose the best material for your fireplace hearth. You…

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How to Lay Slabs – 6 Easy Steps with Expert Suggested Tips

How to Lay Slabs

Paving slab installation demands careful planning & execution. Some precautions must also be taken to guarantee a secure, efficient, and long-lasting surface. Placing slabs might seem more intimidating. But if you use the appropriate tools and follow the proper procedure, you’ll have the ideal surface in no time. So, if you want to know how…

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9 Modern Trendy Garden Design Ideas You Don’t Wanna Miss

modern trendy garden design

A clean, refined, elegant design defines a modern or contemporary garden. In general, a modern trendy garden design emphasizes the materials and architecture more than it does the plants and other vegetation. In modern outdoor areas, geometric shapes and recurring patterns are frequently used. The primary goal is to design a garden that looks managed…

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Best Garage Floor Tiles – Digbystone

garage floor tiles

You might have to think twice before choosing the best garage floor tiles, as the garage is the dirtiest place in your home. The place where you do all the greasy work, which has to withstand heavy weights of vehicles, heavy objects, and chemical attacks. So, keeping in mind everything, you should choose the ideal…

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8 Stylish Garden Border Edging Ideas for Beautiful Outdoors

garden border edging

Incorporating garden border edging is the key when discussing the garden’s cleanliness and tidiness. Many people ignore the crucial step of edging their garden beds, which results in an unfinished and bare-looking yard. Even if your plants are set up beautifully, the appearance of the bed they are in can ruin the whole thing. Although…

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How to Clean Different Outdoor Floor Tiles [Important Tips]

outdoor floor tiles

Outdoor floor tiles add a beautiful touch to any area and provide great functionality while imbuing your outdoor space with an elevated design appeal. Outdoor tiles often take the limelight as they are an eye-catching point of your home. However, the outdoor tiles can do much more than that, not just the pleasing look. They…

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Dry Stone Walling – 8 Different Types of Stone Walls

dry stone walling

When there is a ready supply of stone, dry stone walling is the best construction type. Compared to other fencing types, they have a longer lifespan (often between 100 and 200 years) and frequently outlast mortared masonry buildings. A dry stonewall can be rebuilt with the same stone when it eventually fails. A dry stone…

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Stone Window Sills – An Ultimate Guide

Stone Window Sills

Window sills give the window a great appearance. They are also crucial as they can be used as a space to exhibit decorative accents like flower pots, a seat, or even as storage. When creating new windows in your home, stone window sills must be considered from an aesthetic perspective. However, an aesthetic perspective is…

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Lay Pebbles for Garden – 7 Easy Steps to Decorate Your Space

Pebbles for Garden

Stone pebbles for garden decor offer a visually pleasing look to your space. With different shapes, sizes and colours, you can create a unique pattern that enriches the beauty of your garden. However, not just decorating, these pebbles can do way more than that. They can keep the weeds away from your garden and help…

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