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You might have to think twice before choosing the best garage floor tiles, as the garage is the dirtiest place in your home. The place where you do all the greasy work, which has to withstand heavy weights of vehicles, heavy objects, and chemical attacks. So, keeping in mind everything, you should choose the ideal floor tiles for your garage.

You want the floor to be lovely, but that’s not enough. Durability and stain resistance are essential attributes because the garage is a high-traffic area loaded with vehicles, equipment, chemicals, and other hazardous liquids.

However, there are other important factors too that you should consider while choosing the best floor tiles for your garage. We’ll discuss those factors further in this article. Apart from that, you’ll also get the list of best tiles for garage floor.

How Should You Choose the Best Garage Floor Tiles?

Before buying garage floor tiles, you must ensure those tiles fulfil all the requirements and criteria we’ve discussed below. It’s essential to check on all the requirements as you need the best and robust flooring solution for your garage that can last for years.

1. Scratch Resistant

When considering garage floor tiles UK, make sure they are scratch resistant as you have to work with different kinds of heavy objects and vehicles. Choose the one that can withstand scratches from falling heavy objects and substances.

2. Slip Resistant

Your garage flooring should have a non-slippery attribute to avoid severe injury and damage to vehicles.

3. Easy to Clean

One of the most critical factors you should consider while choosing the best garage floor tiles is that they can be easily cleaned. Apart from cleaning, they must be able to cover stains, making them less visible. You can even use paver sealant or any other cleaners to keep your flooring tiles neat and clean. However, cleaning garage tiles might be similar to cleaning outdoor floor tiles.

4. Durable

When choosing floor tiles for your garage, ensure they are solid and long-lasting. Your flooring should last for about 10 to 15 years. The flooring shouldn’t be replaced every two to three years. So, carefully choose the best flooring tiles.

5. Waterproof

Choose the waterproof tiles and make sure they do not absorb oily and liquid substances. 

Which are the Best Tiles for Garage Floor?

Considering the above factors, choose the best tiles for your garage. However, we’ve listed the tiles that fit best for your garage.

1. Porcelain Garage Floor Tiles

The porcelain tiles might be a fantastic option for both the garage and your home’s paving. The key is selecting the proper type, i.e., tiles designed especially for garage flooring with certain qualities, i.e., having a thickness of around 3 centimetres, ideal for vehicles so you can drive over it, and are waterproof.

2. PVC Floor Tiles for Garage

PVC garage floor tiles are among the best for a garage as they are about 1/4 inch thick and can withstand chemicals, grease, oil, and other substances in the garage. They are strong enough to be able to support heavy objects and vehicles. These tiles are porous, stain resistant, and can be easily installed.

3. Flexible Floor Tiles for Garage

These tiles are soft, making them easy to install and remove. The best part about these flexible tiles is that they are easier to stand and walk on for longer. Apart from the garage, these tiles are also used in homes and daycare centres. They can handle a lot of abuse but are not ideal for handling heavy objects and vehicles. However, you can use these tiles for normal garage work.

4. Vinyl Composite Tiles for Garage Flooring

Vinyl coloured chips and a filler of limestone are combined to form vinyl composite tiles, or VCT, which are squared tiles that are heated and pressed into sheets. They are pretty strong, resistant to impact and chips, and relatively simple to maintain because they are glued to your floor.

When the tiles are properly sealed and waxed, VCT will withstand most chemicals and other liquids that might otherwise stain bare concrete. However, you should be warned that gasoline and other solvents will quickly melt or dull the wax if they aren’t removed straight away.

5. Wood Composite Floor Tiles for Garage

Although they are designed primarily for basement subflooring systems, wood composite tiles can also be utilised as garage flooring. You can use these in place of subflooring methods that use sleepers or plywood. A polyethylene moisture barrier on the bottom of the wood composite tile keeps the top dry.


So, these are among the best garage floor tiles you can opt for. These materials are durable and will last for years. However, ensure these materials are designed for garage use to withstand any heavy impact and chemical spills.