How to Select Tiles for a Living Room [Factors You Must Know]

How to Select Tiles for a Living Room

Want to know how to select tiles for a living room? Looking for some important tips to help you choose the ideal tiles for your living room?

If so, here’s everything you are looking for. In this article, you will find the important factors and tips to help you choose the right tiles for your living room.

The living room is considered to be the heart of your home. It is among the places that come first to your mind when renovating or designing your home. A living room is a place where you entertain yourself as well as your guests, enjoy weekend leisure activities with your family, have a relaxing time with your loved ones and many more.

So, it is obvious that your living room receives heavy foot traffic and ultimately needs a flooring solution that looks elegant and durable. Apart from this, there are several other factors that you need to consider when selecting tiles for your living room.

1. Durability and Maintenance

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting tiles for your living room is durability and maintenance. Your floor tiles should be durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic. Also, your floor tiles have to experience oil spills, stains and falling objects that can cause damage. So, whether you choose porcelain tiles or natural stone tiles, they should be durable, stain-resistant, slip-resistant and require little to no maintenance.

2. Choose the Right Tile Type and Material

There are a variety of tile types available including hardwood, porcelain, ceramic, vitrified, cork, bamboo, mosaic, slate, marble, granite, terrazzo and other tile types. You need to first identify your interior design style and choose your living room tiles accordingly. Make sure the tile type and material you choose should perfectly complement the overall design style of your home.

If you want a durable, sturdy as well as budget-friendly flooring tile option, you should consider installing porcelain or ceramic tile for your living room. However, if you want a moisture-resistant and soft floor in your living room, you can install cork floor tiles. Similarly, every tile type has its own unique character and you have to choose the tile that best fits your needs.

3. Choose the Right Tile Colour

Choosing light-coloured tiles can help your small living room appear larger if you want it to. Your room can appear larger if you choose porcelain tiles in beige, white, or cream colour patterns. In the end, you shouldn’t get tired of seeing the flooring in your living room every day. Consider bringing some samples home to see if the colour suits you for better outcomes.

However, if you have a large living room space, you can experiment with dark-coloured floor tiles. You can even go for black floor tiles if you are brave enough to do so. Don’t worry, black tiles look elegant if you have a spacious living room. Apart from this, there are numerous other ways to embellish your living room on a budget.

4. Consider the Tile Size

Tile size is another important factor many homeowners tend to ignore. Choosing the ideal tile size for your living room will bring out the best in your space. Your living room will appear larger and more open if the tiles are larger. Larger tiles also imply fewer grout lines, which can enhance the elegance and tidy appearance of your favourite space in your living room.

Also, when compared to smaller tiles, larger tiles offer a more contemporary and chic appearance. Using larger tiles in light colours will make your living room appear spacious. However, if you already have a larger living room area, you can invest in either smaller-sized tiles or a mix of large and small tiles to create unique patterns and designs.

5. Set Your Budget

Setting your budget is among the important factors in learning how to select tiles for a living room. It will help you easily make your choice as you will have limited options to look from. Also, make sure you don’t go for the cheaper ones. Just go for the quality tiles and set your budget accordingly. You can also look for flooring trends for a luxurious living space.

6. Consider Everything in the Living Room

The last important factor in learning how to select tiles for a living room is to consider everything that is in your living room. The furniture, doors, windows, curtains, and other things that are in your living room play an important role in defining the overall look of your space. So, make sure your tile colour and style match your living room’s ambience.


So, these all are important factors that you need to consider when learning how to select tiles for a living room. Make sure you don’t run after cheaper products. Just go for quality and budget-friendly flooring solutions.