New cleaning videos show you the benefits of porcelain

As a further addition to our new helpful video guide collection we have launched two videos which demonstrate one of the best benefits of our Porcelain range.

Due to it’s minimal porosity, porcelain is an ideal choice for a low maintenance garden, as it gives the tile a high level of stain resistance. We tested a series of likely stains on our Portland Buff tile, and demonstrated how the stains were then removed 24 hours later. Many stains were removed using just a jet washer or soapy water and a brush.

The first video shows a range of stains which may happen in a domestic garden, including red wine, coffee and barbecue food.

The second video, aimed at landscapers, shows a variety of stains which may happen during installation including jointing compound and slurry primer.

Check out the full series on our videos page.