New Helpful Video Guides Launched

We are proud to launch our first mini series of helpful videos! Designed to help answer questions about laying, porcelain and product samples, our 60 second videos are a useful resource for landscapers, merchants and customers alike.

The first video, The Right Side of the Slab, answers the question which many of our customers ask – which way up should I lay my stone? Covering all types of natural stone as well as porcelain, the video format provides a simple way of visually demonstrating the answers to this oft asked question.

Variations in Natural Stone explains the importance of seeing and inspecting your natural stone before you lay. Natural stone by its very nature has variations and every piece is unique, so it is important to check the stone before proceeding to laying.

How to Prime Porcelain Tiles is an invaluable guide on mixing and applying slurry primer. This is a vital step when laying Digby Stone porcelain tiles, and our video explains step by step what you need to do.

Our final video helps you to understand the importance of seeing your stone up close before purchasing. Product Samples tells you how looking at samples can help you make a decision on your stone choice, as well as how you can order samples from us.

Check out our YouTube channel or visit the Videos page on our website to see the full list of Digby Stone videos.