Flat Coping Stones

Flat Coping Stones: 6 Types of Coping Stones for Your Wall

By Digby Stone | 03/06/2022

Coping stones are flat stones that are used to complete a walling project. They can be entirely flat or curved. Coping stones are usually seen on top of some wall structures. They make up most of a coping, which is the top layer of any free-standing wall. While many people still think of coping stones…

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indian sandstone slabs

Why Should You Choose Indian Sandstone Slabs for Your Next Project

By Digby Stone | 01/06/2022

Indian Sandstone Paving is one of the most popular garden paving solution for patios and walkways. It comes in a wide variety of colours, textures and finishes to suit different decor styles. In this blog, we will look at the vast selection of sandstone paving available and the different benefits and design possibilities available for…

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garden stepping stones

How to Select the Best Garden Stepping Stones for Your Outdoor Area

By Digby Stone | 30/05/2022

Garden stepping stones are an excellent way to customise your outdoor space. They can serve as a route for you to walk through your garden and as aesthetic elements. These stones come in various shapes, sizes, and colours, as well as different materials. They make for intriguing hardscape features in the garden. Stepping stones are…

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Budget Small Garden Ideas

Budget Small Garden Ideas: 10 Ways to Develop an Inexpensive Garden

By Digby Stone | 26/05/2022

Even though the weather has us all in a tizzy, that does not mean our gardens have to be! We have got plenty of budget small garden ideas to help you freshen yours for the season. After a makeover with any of these, you can host family and friends come rain or shine. Follow our…

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Lawn Edging ideas

9 Lawn Edging Ideas That Give the Perfect Finishing Touch

By Digby Stone | 23/05/2022

Edging is the process of separating two distinct locations. Lawn edging can play a significant role in your landscape design plan. It can improve your home’s overall curb appeal. You can use lawn edging ideas to define garden boundaries, emphasise an area, add texture, and dress up your environment. It all comes down to your…

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Front Garden Wall Ideas

7 Gorgeous Front Garden Wall Ideas to Design a Nice Boundary Look

By Digby Stone | 21/05/2022

With a little effort and inspiration, front garden wall ideas can give your outdoor space a whole new level. There are many fashionable materials, plants, and concepts to pick from. Stone-filled gabions to raised planters made of aged driftwood to sleek and contemporary cedar panels, you can select a design that is perfect for your…

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patio pointing

How to Point a Patio: A Descriptive Guide for Patio Pointing

By Digby Stone | 19/05/2022

It is difficult to keep your patio pointing in good shape, especially in the UK’s harsh winter weather. Rain and freezing conditions can leave a patio damaged as well as weed-infested. There’s a lot that can influence the structure of your patio, from erosion’s severe but slow-to-appear damage to physical damage and ground movement. If…

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Porch Vs Patio: Know the Key Differences Between Both Spaces

By Digby Stone | 09/05/2022

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, a patio and a porch are not the same things. They both provide a place to enjoy the outdoors close to home at their heart, but that’s about where the similarities end. Understanding the distinctions, on the other hand, can widen your architectural horizons, assist you in deciding…

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Ideas to Transform a Garden on a Budget

7 Creative Ideas to Transform a Garden on a Budget This Year

By Digby Stone | 06/05/2022

Not everyone has the time or budget to invest in expensive garden furniture and landscaping, but that does not mean that you cannot create a lovely and functional outdoor environment. There are several easy ways to transform a garden on a budget from drab to fab. You can do it by using recycled materials, repurposing…

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patio design ideas

8 Fabulous Patio Design Ideas to Amplify Your Backyard Look in 2022

By Digby Stone | 03/05/2022

If you are lucky enough to have a patio, you will want to take advantage of it as much as possible. To make your patio feel like a wonderful location to relax, try adding some decoration and landscape treatments. But worry not because we are here to help you achieve your patio design goals. Whether…

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