Lay Pebbles for Garden – 7 Easy Steps to Decorate Your Space

Pebbles for Garden

Stone pebbles for garden decor offer a visually pleasing look to your space. With different shapes, sizes and colours, you can create a unique pattern that enriches the beauty of your garden. However, not just decorating, these pebbles can do way more than that. They can keep the weeds away from your garden and help in creating borders & landscape paths.

So, if you also want to lay pebbles for your garden, this article is the best place. We’ve discussed five easy steps to lay a perfect garden for your home using stone pebbles. But before moving forward with the steps, it’s essential to know some tips for choosing suitable stone pebbles for garden decoration.

Essential Tips for Choosing the Best Pebbles for Garden

Before you start laying pebbles for garden decoration, make sure you follow these tips for a perfect outdoor space.

  • You need to first consider why you are using the stone pebbles. Are you using them to decorate your garden or for garden path ideas? Either way, make sure you choose the pebbles accordingly.
  • Consider the round ones if you are laying pebbles for a garden path. They are comfortable and easier to walk on.
  • The size of the pebbles also matters. If you are using pebbles for a garden pathway or decoration, 10mm size is an ideal choice.
  • You can also use these stones as decorative mulch. The fact that inert gravel and pebbles make them ideal for mulch use. They are durable since they won’t decompose as organic mulches will, and they have the added benefit of preventing soil water loss through evaporation as all mulches do. However, use a weed mat under pebbles to prevent weeds from growing.
  • You can use pebbles with Setts for garden edging ideas that create a unique and beautiful touch to your garden.

How to Lay Pebbles for Garden Decoration?

In 7 easy steps, you can lay a perfect garden for your home using riverstones. Make sure you follow the steps properly.

Step 1 – Create Space for Pebbles

Planning and creating space for pebbles is the first and foremost step to laying a perfect garden. Get the accurate measurements to know exactly how many pebbles you need. However, you can also take help from a professional in measuring the space and pebbles for garden. Make sure you buy more than you calculated extra pebbles for your garden.

Step 2 – Prepare the Space for Pebbles

If there is anything on the ground, say weeds or brush, make sure you pluck them out to have a clear space. You need to remove them from their roots to prevent further growth. Wear proper gear to remove them. Otherwise, you might end up hurting yourself.

Step 3 – Maintain Proper Drainage System

Ensuring a good drainage system in your garden must prevent precipitation. You can bury a pipe beneath a trench so rainwater can be sent outside the area.

Step 4 – Lay a Weed Mat

To prevent weeds from growing and coming up, you should cover the space with a weed mat. You must ensure the weed mat you purchased is safe for the environment. Use a biodegradable weed mat that only the area you want to lay pebbles in is affected and will decompose once used in your pebble garden.

Step 5 – Choose the Right Pebbles

Different stone pebbles, including Limestone, marble, granite etc., come in various shapes, sizes, and colours. You must make sure you choose the pebbles for garden decoration that fits best your budget. You can even create unique patterns and textures using different pebble types. However, calculate the number of pebbles you require for your design and space. Purchase some extra pebbles, so you never run out of these stones.

Step 6 – Spread the Pebbles in Your Garden

Once you are done finalising the perfect pattern and the number of pebbles you require, transport the stones to your garden. Spread the pebbles all over the area and make sure the weed mat should not be visible. Keep in mind the pattern or texture you finalised and, according to that, spread the pebbles around your garden.

Step 7 – Use Cement for a Stable Surface

If you are laying pebbles in the area where people frequently walk over them, it is recommended to cement them so these stones won’t get dislodged, and your pattern should remain the same. Make sure you don’t use the cement too much.


You may build the ideal outdoor space of your dreams with these seven simple steps to give your area a wow factor.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are specific questions that need to be answered to give you a clear idea about pebbles for garden decoration.

Q1. Can I put pebbles on the soil?

You can put stone pebbles on the soil and use them as mulch or growing beds. These riverstones act as a protection shield for your plants from sunlight or harsh winter conditions.

Q2. Can I put pebbles in my garden?

Pebbles create a unique decorative touch to your garden. These stones also prevent soil erosion and preserve the roots of plants.

Q3. Which is better: pebbles or gravel?

It depends on your usage and the area you are laying them on. However, rounded pebbles are comfortable and easy to walk on and gravels are better in driveways.

Q4. How deep should pebbles be placed?

Always allow at least 2.5 times the diameter of the stone you are using for the depth of pebble cover when utilising pebbles as decorative ground cover.