10 Small Bedroom Ideas to Maximise Space & Elevate the Look

small bedroom ideas

Incorporating clever and small bedroom ideas into your space is important in order to make your space feel larger and functional. It can add a stylish look to your room while being cosy, inviting and easy to maintain.

So, don’t worry if you have a small bedroom. You can incorporate creative ideas to turn your room into a larger and more welcoming space. From practical storage solutions to creative interior decorating ideas, you’ll find everything in this article.

1. Focus on Your Bed Size and Place

For years, you might be placing your bed in the wrong position or you might be using a huge bed that has been ruining your small bedroom’s look. So, identifying the right place and size for your bed is one of the most important things you have to consider.

Make sure the bed is not too small or not big enough to occupy most of your room’s space. Also, the placement of your bed is important.

2. Add Wall Mural For a Huge Impact

It pays to play with scale in interior design by looking into wall mural ideas, which will give a sense of drama. Tiny rooms are ripe with colour and pattern choices.

When it comes to bedroom accent walls, you don’t have to exercise your artistic talents. There are several wallpapers that are made specifically for that purpose and that may rapidly provide an additional dimension even in small bedrooms. Turn to images of escape for a soothing design. For a truly immersive design, choose furniture, beds, and cushions in contrasting shades.

3. Invest in Wall Mounted Storage

If you want to manage your spaces effectively then you should go for wall-mounted storage options. This is one of the best small bedroom ideas that can make your room a bit larger. You can either mount this storage unit near your bed or you can mount a big storage space on the wall and add some decorative as well as your important storage items.

4. Paint Your Walls White

Painting your walls white is one of the most effective small space design ideas to incorporate. White is a colour that never goes out of style in decorating schemes, but all-white bedrooms may be striking. Combining several shades of white gives a space a beautiful, carefree vibe that seems airy and light.

Make sure the area has some natural components, such as wooden furniture or wicker storage baskets, to avoid a clinical appearance. White colour reflects the light perfectly and makes your room brighter and gives an illusion of a larger and open space.

5. Add Multifunctional Furniture

One of the best and most typical small bedroom ideas you can incorporate is to add multifunctional furniture. Invest in multipurpose furniture which can be used at the foot of the bed as a seat while also working as the ideal spot for additional blankets and other storage items. The extra bedding should be kept out of sight to keep the area clutter-free and to give the impression that the room is larger.

6. Think About the Doors

Doors can also help in making your small bedroom look larger. Rather than using those old and traditional doors that occupy a lot of space, invest in sliding doors. Sliding doors are one of the effective small bedroom ideas that don’t eat up your space, but rather give a clean and modern look.

7. Floors are Important Too

Flooring is another great aspect of making your small bedroom look larger. No matter which material you choose, be it porcelain tiles, granite, marble or any other material, make sure to choose light colours. It will reflect the light easily and make your small bedroom look larger. There is no compulsion to use only white colour, just bright colours that can easily reflect light.

8. A Loft Bed Can Free Up Space

If you have a small bedroom and there is no space left for an additional bed, consider investing in a loft bed. This is among the best small bedroom ideas that will free up space and add a functional addition to your bedroom. Now you have an extra sleeping space in your small bedroom without taking up much space.

9. Add Mirrors

This is probably one of the best and most modern ways to embellish your living space on a budget. Mirrors can make a bedroom feel more spacious. You can either invest in a large-sized mirror or place it above the bed or you can invest in small mirrors and hang them in different places.

10. Don’t Forget the Windows

An ingenious space-saving tip for even the tiniest bedrooms. Look at your window sills if you don’t have a spare inch of floor space. If there is any depth there, it is the ideal location to build a little shelf where books or magazines can be stacked. If you have a little more depth, think about adding some basic upholstery and scatter pillows to make a window seat.


These are some of the effective and creative small bedroom ideas that will help free up space and make your bedroom feel larger. Make sure to incorporate the ideas that perfectly complement your overall house design.