Terms and Conditions

We are continually making innovations and improving products so we reserve the right to vary designs and specifications without notice. In the unlikely event of products reaching you in less than satisfactory condition, please notify the retailer immediately. Please note that if you lay a product with a defect apparent upon reasonable inspection prior to laying, then we will not accept any responsibility for any replacement or for any other loss so arising.

We cannot accept any liability if products are used for purposes other than those for which they were intended, or they are laid other than in accordance with recommendations. The recommendations we provide are for guidance purposes only and any applicable building regulations or planning requirements should be followed at all times.

General Information


All dimensions given are nominal and subject to manufacturing tolerances. The quoted sizes and coverage of our paving ranges, except where using minimal joints, are for the overall areas including appropriate joints, making it easier for you to plan a project and order the right quantities. For a more general guide in tolerances of our products, measure several product samples at a stockist.

Manual Handling

Please note: Care should be taken whilst manually handling Digby Stone products to prevent injury and/or damage. Extra assistance may be required.


None of our products are suitable for driveways.

Please check with your stockist or call us for advice on what can and can’t be used on a driveway prior to installation. However, many of our customers prefer the look of flagstones and have ordered thicker paving to accommodate the extra weight of vehicles and then the paving has been used successfully. These MUST be laid on a FULL bed of mortar so extra care with the foundations is essential. Lay the flags directly onto a 100mm thick wet concrete bed (1:5 cement: sharp sand) on top of 150mm well compacted hardcore. Damage can be caused by heavy and four-wheel drive vehicles, or by using power steering whilst stationary.

Indoor Use

For indoor use, a coating is advised to reduce dusting and make cleaning easier. Always seal the products to avoid staining. Seek advice from the chemical manufacturers.

Use Around Swimming Pools

Advice from Digby Trading Ltd should be sought about suitability for use of products around swimming pools. Some products react from the chemicals in the water.


Sealing is a personal choice as some sealers make the paving look permanently wet or permanently dry. There are many sealer manufacturers and we do not recommend one over another. Please check directly with the manufacturers or your stockist. Responsibility for the performance of any coating rests with the user and the manufacturer of the coating. Always read the instructions carefully and first test a small area for colour and slip resistance, wet and dry. REMEMBER once applied it is very difficult or impossible to remove.

Health & Safety

Always work in a safe manner in accordance with current health and safety legislation. For advice, telephone 0300 003 1747 or visit www.hse.gov.uk


Any products laid onto a bed of mortar or screeding sand that contains cement may show signs of efflorescence, which may appear as a white deposit , and / or apparent colour fading, and / or drip staining. The effect will always be more apparent on bolder, darker coloured products. Efflorescence will generally diminish over time and should not affect the long-term performance.


Some dusting may be on some products. Some scuffmarks may be visible on some of our products and this is due to transportation, which is unavoidable.


Colour variation in natural stone products

Digby Stone strongly recommends that you visit your local stockist prior to purchasing your chosen natural stone paving to see the stone laid out.

Whilst we try to endeavour to get our natural stone a consistent colour, natural stone by its very nature is coloured naturally and significant variations in colour will be found when comparing individual paving stones in a pack. Only when the paving flags are viewed as a mass area will the overall colour effect be seen, we call this a "hue".

Buying from photos, catalogues, websites or seeing one or two sample paving flags is not advised unless you have previous experience of the products being purchased.

We recommend that natural stone paving is always at first 'dry laid' prior to permanent installation so as to gain the consumers and / or the contractors acceptance of colour, quality and texture. Colour claims cannot be considered  once the product has been mortared in to place as permanent fixing constitutes acceptance of the product.