As the tulips blossom and the birds and beasties awaken it can only mean one thing – the long awaited arrival of spring.

Now that we are all settled into our new habitat at our head office in the midlands and with the seasonal arrival of Springwatch onto our screens, it got us thinking…. We want be like those guys on TV.

So we loaded up our computers, ordered ourselves a bird box and got ourselves some kit that David Attenborough would be proud of, and Digby Stone Springwatch was born.


Over the upcoming seasons, we look forward to bringing to you our own fairy tale in which we hope we will see a happy couple move in, turn a house into a home, create a family and see them grow.

The bird box has gone up at the start of the week and has been stocked up with some “premium” twigs and grass. We are excited to bring you updates on how it all unfolds! Be sure to check our website and social media to see any progress on our Digby Stone Springwatch journey.